entertainer, musician

Tamworth, 1981

Warren is an entertainer, musician, songwriter and recording artist whose professional career spans over forty five years. He is experienced in theatrical and variety stage, recording, radio and television. Warren has been a band member, a solo entertainer, a backing singer, a pit orchestra member, a musical director - all over Australia and overseas. He was formally trained in music, starting at age eight on flute, then on piano and finally, on guitar. While he doesn't have a favourite singer or a favourite song, he is in awe of the guitar talents of Hank Marvin, the vocal talents of the great ballad singers Perry Como and Andy Williams and the songwriting skills of Neil Sedaka and Billy Joel. Warren has nothing but the highest admiration for the songwriting, the singing, the recording skills and the pure show business savvy of the ABBA team.

ABC-TV, 1965

In his shows, Warren presents a wide variety of music. He has no preferences. He likes to sing songs with great stories and universal appeal. "The best that any entertainer can do is to tweak the heart strings of every audience member, men as well as women, at least once during each and every show".

Jenolan Caves - 1984

As a performer, Warren's one-man show has been very much in demand in the tourism industry since the early 1980's. He became well internationally known for his one man show, "Rollin" To Jenolan", presented every weekend between 1984 and 1987 at Jenolan Caves House, then one of Australia's most popular tourist attractions. While there, he released his "Warren Targett Live at Jenolan Caves House" LP cassette which featured the self penned ballad, "I Am Nature", and two songs by the record's producer, Paul Anthony Smith - the title track of the show, "Rollin' To Jenolan" and the haunting instrumental "Jenolan Dawnsong". The Jenolan show exclusively featured a variety of Australian music and was presented at a time when it wasn't seen as the done thing to be proudly Australian in music.

ABC Radio, 1973 and 1974

From 1972 to 1974, Warren was a cast regular for the ABC Radio Education Branch for the school music broadcast series, "Let's Have Music". The programme, written by the brilliant team of John Shortis and Brian Simmons, had a listening audience of over 400,000 primary school children across Australia and overseas each week. Being part of this project gave Warren the opportunity to work beside some of Australia's top radio actors. The programme gave him a unique insight into the world of childrens' music. Warren went on to appear on the "Super Flying Fun Show" on the Nine Network across Australia.

On the Autoharp - 1982          On the Banjo - 1980

When performing, Warren plays a few unusual instruments - lute, autoharp, 6 string banjo and ukelele - as well as his range of guitars.

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teacher of music on the guitar

With Dave Leslie, 1993

Currently , Warren is in private practice as a music educator full time, passing on his skills, dedication and love for a wide range of music on the guitar. His learners range from beginners of all ages, to accomplished hobby players. Included among them are some contemporary world renowned gifted performers - Dave Leslie (ex Baby Animals), Craig McLachlan, Aboriginal performers Pauline McLeod and Brenda Webb, Paul Anthony Smith (studio producer/musician and creator of music for film), Lee Gunness (notable jazz performer), Laura Imbruglia and the now up-and-coming teenager, Adam Menser.

Jamie learning, 2004

Throughout his professional career, Warren has taught music on the guitar. He believes now that contemporary music on the guitar is mostly poorly taught privately, in schools and in colleges. The approaches that encourage limited or non-existant music literacy lead to a musical dead end. Warren feels that the proliferation of play by ear, easy-play, quick-fix and TAB based print material and teaching is, without doubt, the biggest causes of the alienation - sidelining - marginalising - of guitar players amongst the community of musicians at large. In the end, it leads to a large number of players becoming dissatisfied with their music and some giving up for good because of their boredom and frustration.

"The pride in their minimal level of musical literacy expressed by some world reknowned guitar players creates the dubious legend among learners that ignorance is good ... bunkum! To paraphrase actress Ingrid Bergman, herself an accomplished pianist, in a famous quip to harmonica player, Larry Adler ... they are not only ignorant but they are happy in their ignorance."

What a shame. Think of what the world of written music could open up to these players.

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the teaching studio operation

Warren's teaching studio is purpose-built, home based and located in Bateau Bay, on the NSW Central Coast. It operates from Mondays to Saturdays in the gazetted NSW Government School Terms; not on Public Holidays and Saturdays of Long Weekends.

Teaching hours are Monday 3.00pm to 9.00pm; Tuesday 10.00am to 1.30pm and 3.00pm to 9.00 pm; Wednesday 3.00pm to 9.00pm; Friday 3.00pm to 7.00pm; Saturday 9.00am to 2.00 pm.

Tuition is given to learners of any age from 5 years and in a private situation. Appointments are for 30 minute sessions on a weekly basis.

Learning is done outside the dictates of style. It covers all aspects of the guitar - melody playing, accompaniment playing, ensemble playing, written music skills - from the Fundamentals Level, through the Advancing Level to the Accomplished Level. The programme of work is thorough, challenging, enjoyable and repertoire building.

Warren conducts specialised tuition for candidates for the NSW Higher School Certificate subjects in Music, Industrial Design and Design & Technology. Starting in October the tutorials are held approxiamately weekly on Saturday afternoons each month until August. Vacancies are limited to six learners.

Contact Warren for more information, appointment vacancies and prices - contact -

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teaching experience

Warren has been teaching music on the guitar, one-on-one, since the early 1960s. He passes on his knowledge, his passion for the instrument and his love of the many genres of the music on the instrument. Warren bases his teaching on good musicianship, musical literacy and music principles. He has taught music on the guitar to boys, girls, men, women, the young, the not so young, the gifted, the not so gifted, indigenous people, the verbal language challenged, the literacy challenged, the culturally challenged and the sight impaired. He believes the gift of music is in everyone. It takes work to winkle it out.

Performance cast, EORA Centre, 1987             Blaxland Evening Class - 1987

Warren has taught adult education classes in guitar since 1975. In 1987 and '88, he was a part-time teacher at, and, in 1989, co-ordinated, the Performing Arts faculty of, the Eora Centre, a specialised TAFE college of Visual and Performing Arts for Aboriginal students. Warren also has experience in teaching both the gifted and the intellectually challenged.

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guitar mechanic, rebuilder

As a left-handed guitar player, Warren suffered from a lack of quality playable instruments in the early part of his career, so, under professional mentoring he built some of his own, both hollow and solid bodied guitars. A part of his current business is guitar repairs, hotrodding, rebuilding and restoration.

Adam Menser with his own built guitar, 2003

Warren conducts a tutorial course in guitar making aimed at assisting candidates for the NSW Higher School Certificate courses in Design and Technology (D&T) and Industrial Technology (IT) who choose to build a guitar as their major project.

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publishing ventures

With John Goldsmith, 1974

With former teaching studio business partner, John Goldsmith, Warren has developed a programme for the fundamentals level of guitar playing. The programme is not based in any particular style, but in good technique, good musicianship and musical literacy. "I can't remember a time when I couldn't read, write and transcribe music in conventional notation. I can't thank my teachers enough for this gift." Being competency based, fully assessable, and promoting the concept of ensemble playing at all stages, it is of particular use in one on one teaching and in classrooms. The programme represents the first major rethink of the structure of the fundamentals level of guitar learning in fifty years and has no equivalent anywhere in the world. The catch phrase for the venture is "Getting it right - from the start!" guitar studies international

Warren is involved in another joint venture with long standing guitar playing friend, Ross Dewell. The lack of repertoire and scores for small guitar based ensembles, particularly in schools has led the two to prepare arrangements for over 200 popular guitar favourites guitarzrgo

As Corporal Kangaroo with Sergeant Whittle, Old Sydney Town, 1991

From 1990 until 1992, Warren brought all his creative and performace experience into one endeavour when he scripted, designed, directed and administrated the street theatre entertainment at Old Sydney Town, the now defunct former NSW tourist attraction. While there, he created the fantasy character, Corporal Kangaroo.

Graphic design - 1982

Warren is a qualified, award winning Graphic Artist and Designer who has worked in various commercial visual arts fields electronic and print media advertising; logo and corporate image design; typography and type design; technical graphics; office systems print design; promotional printing; packaging; industrial design; industrial sculpture and patternmaking; props, stage and set design and construction; audio-visual presentation; sales presentations and new product launches; trade shows and convention special events; and film and video - in conceptual, production and financial control capacities.

In his work to inspire younger music learners, Warren created a cartoon character called Mr Gig© This unique character, in his many guises, is available for licensing in both two and three dimensional forms for musical giftware and teaching aids mrgig

He has also designed the KwikPik© and KwikPik Pro© pickholders for guitarists.

During his years of experience in the commercial aspects of performing and visual arts Warren has acquired a very concise and practical working knowledge of copyright and intellectual and mechanical property rights laws as they exist in Australia. He is also versed in various aspects of industrial safety applying to the entertainment industry. He guest lectures in these subjects to students in Music Industry Skills.

Warren is an Associate Member of the Australian Music Association through his business, Osprey Enterprises. The AMA represents and furthers the interests of the musical instrument, print music, pro audio and computer music industries and organises AMAC, Australia's only trade fair for the music products industry. It also organises the Music Play Por Life campaign and the Weekend Warriors programme.

Sculpting bust of Elvis Presley, 1993

Warren lives with his wife, Vivienne, at Bateau Bay in the beautiful Central Coast area of New South Wales. His hobbies are sculpture and kayaking on the nearby Tuggerah Lakes.

With bronze bust of Ivy Somerfield, 1994

"If I've learned just one lesson about entertaining and show business, it is this - you can only sell the audience just these two things - who they were and who they wished they were. Think about it!"

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contacts and feedback

Postal Address: PO Box 3095, Bateau Bay NSW 2261 Australia
Telephone: (02) 4334 5229 during studio hours, otherwise message service
Fax/ Tel: (02) 4334 5229
International: (+612) 4332 5229
Mobile:  041 922 6418
email: wtargett@bigpond.net.au

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bulletin board

Teaching this year has closed

The 2006 teaching year commences on Monday 6th February

Compliments of the season to all.

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